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Sunday, January 01, 2006

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

That's Ocean Front Property

Ocean Front Property without the hassle of your beach eroding as a bonus!!! $170,000 couldn't buy you beachfront in Hatteras, NC, or Sandbridge, VA, but it can buy the Smith Point lighthouse as Dave and Terri McNally of Winona, Minnesota can attest. As described in

this WaPo article

Mr. McNally had some spare cash around and an interest in a "family retreat".

Mr. McNally plans to renovate the 24' diameter, two story structure built atop an Iron caisson filled with concrete by converting the first floor into a kitchen, pantry and sitting room with the 2nd floor becoming two bedrooms. The McNally's (who are contractors and own their own lumber) figure their renovation costs at $75,000.

The Coast Guard will continue to maintain the light and foghorn atop the lighthouse, that was built in 1897 and lies about 3 miles offshore at the mouth of the Potomac River in the Chesapeake Bay. Here is
the link to the photo gallery, enjoy!!!

I agree with the VEA (at least on this)

Common sense prevailing over at the Virginia Education Association??? I have to agree with Ms. Princess Moss, president of the statewide organization that lobbies for about 90,000 primary and secondary teachers. A completely Valid point she:

Wants legislators to change the speed limit for buses, from 35 mph to 45 mph on roads with posted limits of 55 mph. On highways with higher speed limits, school buses could also drive the maximum. Currently, they are required to go no more than 55 mph on roads with 65-mph limits. "The slower buses can't keep up with the rest of the traffic, and that can become a safety problem," Moss said.

Absolutely Common Sense. I have not done a lot of research on our school buses, but they look new, and should have an "anti-lock" breaking systems, so that higher speeds should not increase the likelihood of a rear end collision with the cars they are following.

But then Alas, disappointment by what else she advocates:

Opposes vouchers and tuition tax credits because, the VEA said, they siphon money from public schools. In states granting tuition tax credits for parents sending their children to private schools, wealthier families "are the primary beneficiaries, rather than low-income students and families," the lobbying organization said.

Why would the VEA not favor giving low-income families a choice in where they also send their kids..... Isn't even the most basic economic concepts of "free enterprise" taught in our schools??? Maybe the favored "topic" is how unions are saving our government and America???

Check out the details here in this Richmond Times Dispatch article.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Another Mass Grave found in Iraq

Obviously getting rid of your weapons of Mass Destruction is a higher priority than getting rid of the bodies of your fellow countrymen and political enemies. According to this article in the Washington Post Iraqi Municipal workers unearthed the yet to be determined number of bodies found in a mass grave.

Seriously though, Sadaam, (who is now on trial) must really never have been worried about any evidence of murdering his own people. Obviously that was his frame of mind, and he did not take George H. Bush Seriously when he spoke of a "New World Order". A world order where mass killings and genocide would not be tolerated of dictators.

Irregardless, one thing is certain, there is only one event left that will assuredly crush the Sunni insurgency, (see my previous post below) "Execute the Executioner" As highlighted here in this Washington Times article the Sunni terrorists did not disturb the recent election, because they ultimately know their future is to be a democratic/republic, and they needed all the Sunni votes they could get.

The killings are not over, as Sadaam's henchmen still at large, know their day on trial will soon be at hand and they have nothing to lose by continuing individual acts of terror. The people of Iraq by and large, have surely turned a corner with this last election. Now, the question will become, just how, when, and where is Sadaam's final Justice going to be served upon him by his own people.

Here is Foxnews take on the discovery of the mass grave in Karbala.

Dear Lord it's Purple !!! Has been formed by a 22 year old Virginian named Mr. Peter Feddo.

This goes to prove Winston Churchill's famous quote:

"To be young and not be a Liberal, shows you have no heart, To be old, and not a conservative, shows you have no brain"

and Boy, did he get some fawning press. According to this excert from Clinton Network News (CNN)

Sen. Clinton is getting some unsolicited help for a potential run for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination. Peter Feddo, a 22-year-old Virginian, has filed papers with the Federal Election Commission to register the Hillary Rodham Clinton for President Committee. Feddo told the Grind he launched the committee to help Clinton build a national grassroots network, while she focuses her attention on the 2006 Senate race.

The CNN piece also had this interesting quote from Bill Clinton himself, who pulled in $100,000 (obviously losing his touch) from a sell out crowd of 2,000 at the"Crobar" in Manhatten:

"Please do everything you can to keep helping Hillary, 'cause she'll always do you proud," the former president told the crowd of young professionals. "I never met anybody with more ability in public life, including me."

"inlcuding me" Thank You Bill for that "insight" into you being the second most capable person in the world, with maybe the exception of not being able to even get his own wife to stand next to him at her fundraiser......

So if you got some free time go on over to and if you are sick of Hillary go on over to and get you a anti-Hillary tee....

Monday, December 26, 2005

Quotes of the Year

photo (courtesy Google images)
This is great for a laugh courtesy of the Media Research Center. Ted Turner, Mary Mapes, NPR's Nina Totenberg, Newsweek’s Eleanor Clift, and many others blathering for our entertainment. Here's a juicy tidbit if you are not yet convinced.

"The day I say Dick Cheney is going to run for President, I’ll kill myself. All we need is one more liar."
— Hearst White House columnist Helen Thomas, as quoted in the "Under the Dome" column by Albert Eisele and Jeff Dufour in The Hill newspaper, July 28.

I'm gonna miss Helen.... Would CheneyRice08 put her over the edge or what??? Total Hat tip and you can read it here at for picking this up, and running with it.

Obi Wan Blue Doggie Year end Wrap up

Steve Sisson over at Obi Wan Blue Doggie has a hilarious year end wrap up. Hilarious that is if he hasn't "sunk his cannines" into your back side in this article from the Augusta Free Press.

Best one liners...

"The Incredible Fulk" campaign (Lowell Fulk's failed House of Delegates bid).

"And who could forget Chap Petersen, the wonder bread boy with a bow tie?" "Apparently, a third of the Democratic voters – bada bing!"

Defending himself against attacks by his fellow Dems....

"Hey Big Tent FDR Democrats! It's called political satire - get over it!"

Steve has a great site, and all kinds of Juicy gossip on our favorites Mark Warner and Tim Kaine.

Hillary's Kryptonite ???

Yowww!!! Thanks to the "birddogging" (left winged bird watchers) over at the Hillary we have this Time article authored by Eleanor Clift introducing Gov. Mark Warner of Virginia to the loyal Liberal subscribers of Time Magazine.

Eleanor goes on to describe Gov. Warner as a viable alternative to Hillary and cites the Daily Kos quotes “Warner is the one to watch.” It must drive Hillary bats to watch Warner glide seamlessly left while her lurches to the right are cast as opportunism.

Yeah, Right Hillary is "shaking in her boots". Here, (in my humble opinion) is the key to Hillary's strategery:

"It may not be determinative, but she’s got to figure into her calculations an almost certain challenge from the left. Hillary’s pandering on the flag is an open invitation for Al Gore to call, a ready base of progressive support for the former veep"

Can you see her operatives at the convention "spreading the wisdom" that Al Gore or anyone to the left of Hillary is unelectable"??? I personally think that the "private explanations" of her "politicial sacrifices" have been done for the good of the party will not fall on "deaf ears"???

Hardly, the faithful will line up, and take Gov. Warner as their "Red State Insurance policy", and declare themselves "winners" months before the vote is even taken.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Washington Routs Hessian Mercenaries !!!

The eventual Father of our Country George Washington led his previously demoralized soldiers across the Delaware River in a Surprise Attack upon the Hessions encamped at Trenton NJ. This being the Christmas Season we give you a perspective from I had "vowed" not to post to the blog today, and let the "Virginia Christmas Tree" speak for the "Donkey", but we have to acknowledge the "determination, and fortitude of our troops and their, Our Leader" on this day in 1776.

Let us also remember all of our "Troops" serving today, stateside, and deployed overseas. To You a Merry, Merry Christmas Day!!!

Merry Christmas Virginia !!!!

Christmas at the White House

First Lady Laura Bush stands beside the Christmas Tree in the Blue Room of the White House. Follow this Link and I think it will put you in the Christmas Spirit.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Editorial Cartoonists Dropping Like Flies in MSM

Editorial Cartoonists Just don't get it!!! They are whining that the MSM papers they work for are cost cutting because readership is down, and the cartoonists are "Dropping like Flies". The vast majority of these guys are Libs. Take a look at some of these "tasteless cartoons" tying Christmas and the War on Iraq.

I start with John Sherffius, who "gleefully" makes a Christmas Tree of folded American Flags. That's real "sensitive" towards military families.

How about Gary Markstein's cartoon titled "I'll be home for Christmas" , and its flag draped coffins in the graphic.

Then an entry from Paul Conrad, he forms a Christmas tree of coffins, and below it a Christmas tree of "tick marks" of casualties (he was so infatuated with both, he couldn't make up his mind which to use no doubt)

How about Chris Britt "Christmas Ornaments" cross tombstones outside the White House. I emailed him and berated him on "his lack of taste" His response:

"Geee... You are really on top of things. That cartoon was drawn last year.Way to keep up! Bush lied us into this war and the blood of our troops is onhis hands. That is the truth. Now,wrap yourself in the flag and go crawlback under the tree.Why don't you CC Bush on this cartoon. Perhaps Rove could read it to him."

We went back and forth, and he refused me permission to post the cartoon.. (none of the others returned my emails)

The one that really set me off though was Bill Day, He has the audacity to make a flag draped coffin a Christmas ornament in a tree with a yellow ribbon that says "support the troops"

Cagle is the Lib "Ringmaster" of organizing these guys and in response to the firings asked fellow cartoonists to devote Monday's to their cause.

I have been emailing (needling them) on the links to the cartoons and telling them the reason for the decline of MSM print is that they have forsaken half of their audience, Conservatives. Seriously, "I Love Editorial Cartoons" when they are "intellectually honest" , and in these cases "Tasteful" .

My contention to these guys is that if the MSM papers were not so "unabashedly biased", they would not be having such a dramatic drop off in readership. Hence, they wouldn't have to be firing their cartoonists. My local paper is the Staunton New Leader, which I affectionately refer to as the Slantin (to the left) Mis Leader. They unfailingly publish two editorial cartoons each Sunday reflecting negatively of Bush administration or the War. This County and city went over 70% for Bush in 2004.

It's one thing to have an opinion, it's another to be "fair and balanced about it". That's OK, We all get to vote with our $$$.

Coca Farmer wins Bolivian Election

Great... Cocaine is a scourge in this country... Don't think so, imagine visiting your neighbor, or a member of your family and they are "snorting cocaine". Hardly a "recreational drug".

Well, how about if you are President Bush and you have to greet the new President of Bolivia Evo Morales, who won with 54% of the vote. Andrew Clem, (Blog with No Name) is an excellent place to keep on top of Latin and Central American affairs. This guy Morales is a Coca farmer...

Yes, Coca farmer.... the stuff they make Cocaine from.... had these comments to make according to "Morales, who led protests to topple the government in 2003, today called on Bush to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq and close military bases in Latin America.

This guy is a "deep thinker" huh... Exactly how in the Good Lord's Name is American Foreign Policy in the Middle East negatively impacting Bolivia??? As you read on in the Bloomberg article, Bolivia has Naturual Gas Reserves.... maybe a stable and oil producing Iraq will hurt exports, along with his buddy Hugo Chavez of Venezuala ???

Execute the Executioner

The end of the Sunni Resistance is at hand. Already the Sunni's abandoned Al qaeda in the last election to gain a greater hand in what they know is the ultimate future of Iraq.... A Democratic Republic.

The only die hards holding out are those that still consider Sadaam a "god on this earth", who will wrest his way back to control, and in turn promote them back to power for continuing the insurgency in his absence.

Fat Chance!!! He is in jail, on trial and the real debate will begin soon, on
How, When and Where to Execute the Executioner. Will he face torture first, like so many of his victims? I would expect that the Kurds would like to see him put in the gas chamber, as retribution for what he did to them (his own citizens) in the northern Iraq. Will he face a firing squad, hanging, beheading (seems all the rage with muslims) , lethal injection, or just be found guilty and let out of the courtroom for "street justice".

Sadaam's trial is not looking good for him, it seems he had his "henchmen" round up 43 members of a family and only murdered seven (7) of them, leaving the brave to testify against him now. Ali Hassan al-Haidari apparently has been the first to testify to Sadaam's depravity, without the benefit of being behind a sheet, or with voice altering.

Ahhh, the Almighty Sadaam... Just a few years ago, he could be seen in public, and the scared and the oppressed would chant "Long Live Saddaam, Long Live Sadaam" .

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Don't drink Hillary Lite!!!

photo courtesy Hillary Lite design

Rino Republican Jeanine Pirro abandons her campaign to unseat Senator Hillary Clinton in NY, according to the 'Bleep' . Citing pressure from the NY Republican Party, and the "State Conservative Party", whose members were unwilling to "open their check books to fund a candidate just as Liberal as Hillary.

This is where I figured the RNC would step in, as part of a strategy to pin Hillary down on two of Pirro's Rino issues, abortion and gay marriage, before her run for the Presidency.

I figured the RNC itself, convinced Pirro to run, and was hopefully going to fund her to the "hilt". Imagine the "chagrin" of Hillary's base as Pirro ran to the left of Hillary on abortion and gay marriage. "Pin her down" in the Senate campaign only to be able to label her a hypocrite as she ran to the right in her Presidential Bid.

Can you see the RNC commercials now??? Hillary made "this statement" just months ago running for her Senate Seat, now she says this!!!!

Conversely, if they ran a real conservative, Hillary can stake out positions in the middle, and use the old "Triangulation" that served her husband Bill so well.

Oh Well, the RNC is going to have to come up with plan B. Personally, I think they should start printing the dickens out of these T-shirts "Hillary Lite", Sounds Conservative, Tastes Socialist. No Substance All Filler. It is exactly what her campaign is going to be "all about"

Pubs Win Two out of Three !!!!

photo courtesy of RightsideVa (left to right, Lt Gov. elect Bill Bolling, Del. Steve Landes, (R), and AG elect. Bob McDonnell)

You'll be hearing about nothing but the troubles of the Pubs tomorrow AM at the AP, UPI, CNN and the usual Suspects of the Liberal Dominated MSM..... not an accurate reporting of what transpired yesterday in Virginia politics.

Bob McDonnell Declared the Winner, after an exhaustive recount, increased his lead to 360 from 323. This is still a razor thin win, but frankly, if Deeds were not from the Valley, he easily would have lost by 5 or 6,000, which is still razor thin out of 1,900,000 votes cast, but that is not the bottom line in this story. Tomorrows Headline should read:

The Pubs picked up a top statewide political post in the Commonwealth, as the Dems. controlled the Gov, Lt Gov, while the Pubs only held the AG (Jerry Kilgore).

This ads up to a "net gain" in top political State wide office holders for the Pubs..... Uh Hello??? (MSM)

Never mind...

Now, am I, a "Right Wing Nut Job", or would the headline be "Gov. Warner's Coattails secures close but certain victory for Creigh Deeds as the new Attorney General for Virginia!!! Gov. Warner who declined to run against the now, "twice wounded" Senator & rumoured 08' Presidential hopeful, George Allen of VA, who failed to pull Jerry Kilgore and Bob McDonnell across the finish line despite campaigning for the two in his home state...... ad nauseum........

A lot of credit has to go to the Bill Bolling campaign who immediately gave staff and resources to the McDonnell team to "help a fellow Pub", and not try and hamstring a potential opponent for the Pub Govs. nomination in 09'. This speaks "volumes" to the character of Bill Bolling, and his staff, who obviously gave a lot of their time and effort to help McDonnell, when normally they would be taking a well deserved Christmas Vacation, before turning to the task of "leading the Pubs into the coming session of the General Assembly session.

Congratulations BOB !!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Working Men& Women Vote Republican

The most dramatic moment relived from the previous post My first Recount, a "Heady Experience"

"Please slowly count these ballots,( separated by their votes for AG), so that your observers can clearly hear, and see the results (my paraphrasing of the Registrars instructions). The officer slowly verified by looking at the bottom of the ballots, and slowly counted, one... two.. three... etc.

Why did this happen??? The regular "touch screen" machines broke down at Spottswood, requiring the officers to improvise with the good old fashioned paper ballots for the voters showing up roughly between 5:45 to 6:45 PM.

Why is this so interesting you ask, So What??? Well, let's examine the paper ballots cast..... 49 of them....

McDonnell 32
Deeds 17

So What???? Well, Spottswood only went
McDonnell 265
Deeds 205

Ok Einstein, your point is????

The point is that precinct voted almost 1 for 1, (McDonnell vs Deeds), but during the 5:45 to 6:45 PM voting time frame, Who's coming to vote???? Yes!!!! The people who are getting off work at about 5 PM (Spottswood is nearly 20 miles from Staunton & Waynesboro).... Just on the face of it, you have the voters going nearly 2 to 1 for McDonnell and 49 votes represents 10% of the vote!!!!

More is to be said of this... I am just lighting the fuse on this post...... Those ballots represent a totally Random "mircrocosm" or "snapshot" of the entire battle of the "Tickets" in a rural district. A district that should lean "conservative" and easily won by the Pubs... What factors were at play here????

My first Recount, a "Heady Experience"

A "day in the political trenches" with the Augusta "GOP Volunteers"... The Battleground: Augusta County CH, the battle: McDonnell Recount. Results: No change in Augusta County Vote.

The scene was impressive, Susan Miller, Registrar Augusta County, dressed in a Red Christmas Blazer, (in lieu of a Black & White Referee's jersey) and the 6 election Officers, one each Dem & Pub paired at the three tables set up in Courtroom B 2nd Floor of the Augusta County Court House. Behind each of the tables was one Dem & Pub "observer" (Team Augusta (Lynn Mitchell, vice chair Augusta GOP, Dr Larry Roller, Treasurer, Augusta GOP, RightsideVA, (volunteer), and SpankThatDonkey (volunteer) alternating, as a call to the "McDonnell Hot line" or break in general warranted, as we proceeded to recount all 26 county precincts in the AG election Recount.

What a "Thrill" being a participant in this process. As a first time participant, it's disorienting to figure out "What is going on"!!! You're looking at the Officers, count each voter checked off the "poll count" (voters are numbered one (1) through the last voter as they vote on the overall list of eligible voters for each precinct) and then compare that to the actual "Machine Count" (the total reported as voters by the machine). Discrepancies arise, such as in the "Cedar Green precinct" where the "poll count was 585 (officers checked off 585 voters coming in to vote, but the machine count was 586.

You wait, in trepidation to see how this is "handled by the registrar, the "recount officials", Ruth Talmedge, Chair Augusta County Electoral Board (Pub), Lionel Moomau, Secretary Augusta County Electoral Board (Dem), along with the two observers at the table, Bob Dickerman, Volunteer (Dem), and SpankThatDonkey (Pub). The officers discuss the discrepancy, to the eager ears of Dickerman and SpankTheDonkey, while Moomau "wades in", stating that State Law "recognizes the "machine count over the poll count"... because a poll worker (officer) probably did not check off the numbered boxes for each voter as they came in to vote.

Dickerman and SpankThatDonkey look at each other in agreement, and the count proceeds, both parties satisifed. The Unofficial vote count for each candidate corresponds to the "tapes" from the machines, is recorded on the forms, shown to all, signed, sealed and delivered to the Registrar. The vote hasn't changed for McDonnell or Deeds, on to the next Precinct.

The most dramatic part of the day revolved around the specfic instructions given by the Registrar to the election officers reviewing the Spotswood Precinct. "Please slowly count these ballots, separated by their votes for AG so that your observers can clearly hear, and see the results (my paraphrasing). The officer slowly verified by looking at the bottom of the ballots, and slowly counted, one... two.. three... etc.

So went the 49 hand counted paper ballots that were necessary due to a voting machine break down at the Spottswood precinct on election day, which leads to my next post......

The Working Men & Women Vote Republican!!!!! that is Highlighted by a totally random breakdown of the voting machines from 5:45 to 6:45 PM at the Spottswood Precinct in Augusta County, VA.

But first lets look at the:

The Big Picture Spotswood Precinct, Augusta County, VA:

Total Registered to vote in the precinct 969.
Total Voted 483 (48% turnout)

Breakdown per candidate:
Goveronor (50% turnout)
Kilgore 299
Kaine 170
Potts 12
Vote total 481 equals undervote two (2) (Get it?) 483 cast votes but only 481 votes for Gov.

Lt Gov. (49% turnout)
Bill Bolling 322
Leslie Byrne 150
Vote total 472 or undervote of eleven (11) 483 voters 472 voted for Lt. Gov. candidates

AG (48% turnout)
Bob McDonnell 264
Creigh Deeds 205
Vote Total 469 or undervote of fourteen (14)

We will get to "examine" these numbers in depth and examine the cross voting, which was witnessed in the paper ballots, clearly and not just "supposed" by the pundits....

Monday, December 19, 2005

Blog Carnival at SOTR Blog

SpankThatDonkey has humbly submitted a blog posting to to this week's Virginia Blog Carnival Stop by and check out all the submissions. We're trying to show some kind of legitimacy and that we can play well with others :-)

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Cheney "Hero of Liberating Iraq"???

photo courtesy of Freedom design "Another GOP Victory!!

Bush Adminstration has no Plan to get us out of the "Quagmire of Iraq"?? You wouldn't know it from these two articles in diametrically opposed view point newspapers the Washington Times and the Washington 'Bleep'.

First the Times: Sunnis ready to cooperate with U.S Basically the the reason that voting went over so non violently in Iraq for the latest elections is that the Sunni opposition forces abandoned their Al Quada allies !!! Is that crickets I hear chirping over at the big MSM outlets????

How about this one from the 'Bleep' VP Cheney Makes Surprise Visit to Iraq Atleast they posted the story... because it is news.... But it is surprising they would put in this quote.... Now if you're conservative and reading this on a blackberry I suggest sitting down.... Talabani, his finger still stained purple as proof that he had voted three days earlier, thanked Cheney profusely for coming and called him a "hero of liberating Iraq."

Talibani, is President Jalal Talabani of Iraq.... Don't think we are going to see that quote leading the CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Lord knows PBS (that publicly funded propaganda organ for the left), and Fox couldn't because they would be accused of being a propaganda organ for the right!!!

Dear Lord let any kind of quote that disparages some one on the political right come up and it's front page.... Trent Lott for example vs. Robert 'KKK' Byrd. I would hope that point is made.

Ladies and Gentleman, I'd say the Bush administrations plan is looking pretty good, Thanks to Iron Willed Leadership from the President, VP, and top GOP Leadership (almost always), and our servicemen/women in uniform both here and deployed....

uhh one more time... the quote Talabani, his finger still stained purple as proof that he had voted three days earlier, thanked Cheney profusely for coming and called him a "hero of liberating Iraq

Chirac calls "W" Star for assistance

This is an actual conversation with an "W"Star customer.

(Customer) President Bush, this is Chirac calling....

(W Star) Yeah, I saw that there on my "W" Star caller ID (hehehe)

(Customer) Mr President My cars are on fire all over the country and I need help!

(W Star) Yeah, I've been watchin Ya on the monitor.... One problem ol' buddy' You haven't paid your bill for that little incident in 1917-18, Much less the one in 1941-45.

(Customer) Never mind that.....

(W Star) Chirac ol buddy' I just asked for a little favor to cover our backs in Iraq there, and you let us down....

(Customer) Never mind that.... You are an unjust man, and fight an unjust war!!!

(W Star) That's OK Chirac ol buddy' I'm a little tied up making the Middle East Safe for Democracy, but I can put you onto some boys who can help you out... click

(W Star) Karl, Dick?? ( They are laughing uncontrollably) Hey, were you two Listening on the other line???

(W Star Staff) Uh Yes sir Mr President.... (hehehe)

(W Star) Well boys, You know it's always right to help someone in trouble even if they are the sorriest, ungrateful bunch there ever could be.... Send him some of them other Special Forces boys ya'll have been holding in reserve...

(W Star Staff) Yes Sir Mr President (Dick and Karl go back to high fives and rolling around on the carpet)

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Donkeys are Hypocrites on War Plan !!!

Need evidence because I am a right wing nut job???? How about this article from the Washington 'Bleep'. Hat tip to the Opinion Journal for spotting it, Lord knows constant exposure to the 'Bleep' will warp your mind :-)

Here is the a relevent quote from Nancy Pelosi "There is no one Democratic voice . . . and there is no one Democratic position" This after a constant barrage of accusations against the Bush Administration that they have no plan to fight the War on Terror, or get our troops out of Iraq.

The Donkeys (not all braying in unison) have criticized Bush on any and everything but then say and I quote from the article House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said yesterday that Democrats should not seek a unified position on an exit strategy in Iraq, calling the war a matter of individual conscience and saying differing positions within the caucus are a source of strength for the party.

How do Dems get away with this?? Maybe because the MSM is constantly doing polls like this:

Take this blog posting from How about this poll they cite in the middle where the question is "should we decrease or remove all soldiers from Iraq? 76% Next Question Increase troop strenght or keep same 24%

The Dems ought to take note that 24% feel either that we need more troops for a "crushing blow" or the total looks right to accomplish the mission.

But to phrase the question decrease or remove and not give you the breakdown.... Puuleeassee The poll obviously is meant to show "the clear majority of Americans think we need to pull out troops or get out altogether. Another link same site (talking points material no doubt)

Oh, but they Support the Troops!!!! Bunch of Surrender Donkeys!!!

Santa Delivers in War on Terror

Santa Says GET SOME!!!!

Looks like Santa is busy "delivering" from his new Green Sleigh, and from the looks of it a Chinook...

Interviewed after the mission Santa was quoted as saying, "That .50 sure felt good, You know what I always said, I know who's been naughty, and who's been nice".

No doubt old St Nick (pictured here) was letting loose on a fresh "coal shipment" to our enemies in the "War on Terror". Now should any of you Liberals feel offended, we have it on good authority that all the brass was collected and recycled :-) To be freshly reloaded and used in future missions.... Now, doesn't that make you feel better???

Feel free to discuss that at your next rally protesting a war being fought by volunteers who are shedding their blood to secure your freedoms.

Friday, December 16, 2005

F22 Raptor becomes Operational in Virginia

Keep an eye on the sky Virginians maybe you will catch a glimpse of our newest High $$$ Air Superiority Fighter the Raptor. The Successor to the F-15 Eagle the first twelve Raptors are now operational at Langley AFB in Norfolk.

Although I would prefer to see us only build a few squadrons of these aircraft and invest the balance in even more advanced versions of F-15 and F-16's, (since these aircraft are still far superior to whomever would oppose us), it's great to know we still possess the best aircraft in the world.

Bookmark this excellent link to keep abrest of the planes.... and remember to keep an eye on the sky.... My understanding is that the 192 Tactical Fighter Wing in Sandston, VA (Richmond International Airport) will trade their F-16's for F-22's if they are procurred in numbers..... Virginia Air National Guard with the hottest aircraft in the World???

The catch... they move from RIC to Langley.... now does that make sense in a terrorist scenario where they get most of our Navy and AF with one Nuke???? Doesn't make sense.... Bring the Raptors to Weyers Cave!!!

Kaine to Give Dem Rebuttal to State of Union Address???

According to this article in today's Washington Times (The conservative Newspaper in America) Gov-Elect Tim Kaine will be giving the Dem "rebuttal" to President Bush's State of the Union Speech. Kaine (pictured here) better not be referencing to just how much Gov. Warner helped him get elected. He better be referencing just how fast he will be answering the phone when Warner calls!!!

I would imagine the Donkey's reasoning would be to get the "buzz" going about Gov. Mark Warner's "Crushing Defeat of ???? Who was that guy who ran against.... Oh yeah, Jerry Kilgore. Warner is going to be all the talk of the media soon enough, as he "delivered" Virginia for Kaine.

Will the "Donkey Cheerleaders" in the MSM discuss how badly Kilgore bungled the campaign by not staying on a PUB message that tax increases are bad (namely the largest in the history of VA), and failed to energize his base by "mixing his message on being Pro-Life, and instead hoping for a "knock out punch" on the death penalty, (that Kaine's campaign manager said was effective but ill timed).

No, the MSM will concentrate on how this is a "tipping point" in Southern States that shows Donkey's can win at will if they just "stick to their guns on fiscal responsibility" (raise taxes). and that the PUB lock on the South is over.

Now who among the Donkeys will not "fancy" such talk, You Ask??? Hillary that's who !!!! She is the southern (she learned a lot about cattle futures during her time in Arkansas) leader who will "unlock" those states for the Dems..... Warner would be wise to send his bride to be in 08' some roses early (Clinton/Warner08), and say some glamourous things about her if he knows what's good for him..... :-)

Back to Kaine... What a way to begin "alienating" Virginians but to get started by standing in for "Cut and Run Murtha", and continue the Donkey's suicidal "braying" on our War effort in Iraq. My $$$ is on Tim stroking his ego and taking on the job..... Please, oh, please Do it Tim, Do it!!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Wow CVN -21

US Navy's newest carrier design detailed in an excellent article from Defense Industry Daily looks at the follow on carriers after the interim carrier CVN-77 George H. Bush which is to incorporate some of the newer CVN-21 (21rst century) features as a test platform before full production. Hat Tip

When this carrier is launched as CVN-78 in 2014 it will replace our first nuclear powered carrier the USS Enterprise CVN 65, which was launched in 1960.

The new carrier will have three times the electrical generation capability, which of course will be needed for greater "computerization of tasks on the ship" and for new technologies including an Electromagnetic Aircraft Launching System (EMALS), an Electromagnetic Aircraft Recovery System (EARS). Sounds pretty star wars huh??

If the Japanese can MAGLEV trains up to 400 mph surely our future aircraft will be MAGLEVed' off the flight decks. Currently, steam catapults only sling them to 125+ and the jet's afterburners do the rest.


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Why Bush 43 is right on Iraq.

Four Countries, Germany, Italy, Japan and South Korea (we will ignore france) have been liberated within the last 60 years with American blood. These nations were delivered from Dictators, fascists, and emperors. Today each are functioning Republic/Democracies, practice freedom of religion, have world-class economies, and still have our troops stationed in them today by invitation.

After being attacked on 9-11 our President did not play it safe by lobbing a few cruise missiles at our enemies and complain to the UN. The Bush administration ousted the Taliban Government that acted as a host to our enemies and consequentially Afghanistan’s economy is modernizing and holding elections, with our troops there by invitation. Who in the 1990’s would predict this could be possible?

Next our President put Sadaam on notice in Iraq, and when he failed to comply with the UN resolutions we invaded Iraq and eliminated another haven for our enemies. If you dispute that, why are so many of them there now?

If a Democrat was President and achieved these same results he would be heralded as bold political leader who let his generals do their jobs, and in so doing freed millions from a dictator and for the first time gave political power to women in the Middle East. All the while having thwarted all major terrorist attacks on our soil to date.

Just as the US Military won the war militarily in Vietnam by crushing the 1968 Tet offensive, the only obstacle our current military faces is the constant propaganda put forward by individual leftists and their complicit big media allies to undermine the public support for a job they volunteered to do. They are keeping the war on foreign soil, and securing the peace for the citizens back home. For this I am grateful.

Our President has chosen to fight on foreign soil as Wilson, Roosevelt, Kennedy, and Johnson before him, why does he not enjoy the full support of the media and both political parties as he has done so? I am glad I support the President. How about you?

Staunton, VA

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The First Hours of Pearl Harbor

The USS Ward played an interesting role in US History in that she was confirmed as firing the first and fatal shots for the US against the Japanese in WW2. Read here the first hand account of the action that day by Ken Swedburg who served aboard the Ward that fateful day, Dec. 12th 1941. This following photo of the gun that sank the Japanese mini sub is today on the Capital grounds of Minnesota in St Paul.

What I find so even more curious about this great story is that the USS Ward was named for the first US Naval officer killed during the American Civil War (War of Northern Aggression)

Pearl Harbor was a "wake up call" that United our Nation in defense of "Liberties", and we should Thank All Vets, because we were at peace when these sailors, soldiers, Marines, Airmen and Coasties were attacked, and 3,000+ killed.

Today we have many of the same people among us, who were serving when 9-11 occurred and still serving today. One and all they deserve our Thanks!!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Google doesn't Lie

Click on above screen capture 12/6/5 10PM
Try it....

1- Go to . . .

2- Type in “ French military victories ", without the quotes

3- Instead of hitting "Search" hit "I'm feeling Lucky"

4- Tell your friends before the people at Google fix it

"How many frenchmen does it take to defend Paris???

Don't know it's never been done!!!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Marines face "Uphill fight" to keep BB's

Bob Novak has a column today on the US Marines desire to keep the BB's USS Wisconsin & USS Iowa from not being converted into permanent Museums (the Wisconsin is here in Norfolk, VA). Apparently, it only costs $250,000 annually to keep the BB's in reserve status, ready for a 6 month retrofit back to active duty.

This article also appeared in today Pilot ON Line concerning (what I perceive as) the Navy's position on maintaining the fleet, which fails to mention the BB's at all. I know these ships are labor intensive, but we should have at least one on duty at all times in the Pacific as a deterrent to Chinese "ill intentions" towards Taiwan and Japan. A BB could also be very useful against N. Korea, as they were during the Korean War (My uncle served on the USS Wisconsin in that conflict)

Sunday, December 04, 2005

MSM Begins to "Militarize HIlary"

If conservative political strategists, radio personalities and bloggers are not getting the best meat in town served up by the MSM to show Hillary will lie to those she "hates most" there could not be a better example.

Witness this "repackaging of Hillary from NewsWeek

Exactly how many Hillary quotes, incidents at the White House, and just flat out testimony of the people who know her best.... Yes, some one please email me Dick Morris's comments on this one... Please :-)

How long until the MSM is rife with rumours of Clinton-McCain08 begin to appear?? The ulitimate Donkey Ticket??? Then again, Clinton-Clark08 (Wesley Clark) That I predict is the next part of the MSM campaign to "Militarize Hillary" She will constantly be associated with Donkey riding military figures, again and again.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Why it is taking so long for Iraqi Military to "Step Up"

As a former Marine I can attest to the "sensibility of this post" I found on the internet.

I experienced 13 weeks of 1980's vintage Marine Corps indoctrination at Parris Island SC. It was the best thing that ever happened to me, and I would repeat it again (especially since I would love to weigh 138 Lbs. again)

The "gist" of the article is that the Iraqi Army was denuded by a lot of factors, mainly the war against Iran in the 80's, the "decapitation by "Desert Storm in the early 90's (their expulsion from Kuwait), and most devestatatingly Sadaam's purges of whoever dared to show resistance to his rule....

Consequentially, Iraq had officers, who ruled like Sadaam did... "You disobey, you are shot".

Well, our military has a different structure... We are taught from Private (E-1) to Staff Sgt (E-6) to do the job of the guy above you if your leader is killed in action. i.e. We are taught from the "bottom up" how to function and "Lead" in combat.....

I came out of boot camp and went to my first duty assignment upon arrival I was informed... "You have been taught to "shut your mouth, follow orders, and perform your mission as assigned". I (a E-4 Corporal or E-3 Lance Corporal) am going to show you how to get the "job done"..... Understand????

What I understood, was to follow the lead of that Marine, and learn the job as I went....

Iraq has no NCO's.... They have mostly been killed, and/or were never given the same power... Think about it... Sadaam needed control do you trust 1000 officers or 10,000 NCO's??? Who easier to keep an eye on???

This should help when you hear the refrain "when are the Iraqi's going to be able to do it themselves"??

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Clem SpanksThatDonkey in Slantin Mis Leader

Andrew Clem takes the Slantin (to the Left) Mis Leader to task for its recent editorial view on the war.

My favorite part:

As for the war's execution, I regret that Bush's neoconservative advisers failed
to appreciate the depth of nationalistic sentiment in Iraq, thus underestimating
the number of troops needed for occupation, but your editorial's complaint that
we "destabilized the Middle East" wrongly implies that the prewar status quo was
manageable. Sure, Iraq right now is a "mess," just as Europe was for several
years after fascism was defeated there. Was that our fault? As freedom and
democracy spread unpredictably across the Middle East, there will be inevitable
turbulence, just as neoconservatives anticipated. In that uplifting context,
saying that "thousands of lives have been wasted" exhibits terrible judgment on
your part. As for faltering public support, if Lincoln had to worry about low
poll numbers, the Confederacy probably would have won the Civil War.

Then, Mr Clem finales (see link) with a two handed salvo to the rear of the Donkey. Well Done Andrew !!!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Democrat Propaganda Starts Early

You have to see this to believe it.....

Democrats now have a propaganda tool for indoctrinating children through means of a book !!!

Oh, I like this first one... It makes me think of that great Karl Marx quote: "From those according to their ability, to those according to their need"

Careful, little conservative boys and girls, the Dems are already dreaming up a "windfall tax" on extra toys under your trees this Christmas.... No doubt done on some "graduated toy tax scheme" !!!!

Oh, I like this one too !!! That's not momma squirrel keeping her kids off the street before a rampaging Packaderm runs them over!!! (I am surprised the elephant doesn't have Halliburton tatooed on its backside... but hey we are are only two pages into this.....

No doubt, a "Wizard of Oz" scene is cooked up and Dick Cheney himself is behind the curtain!!!

Now I think the author has had a "fruedian slip" using the squirrels vs say an "A$$", you know Donkey (now I have to start a new blog "spankthatsquirrel" (which here in town could have sexual overtones" * The Fruedian part is that well, I for one associate squirrels with "nuts" and you see where I am going with this.

* Mary Baldwin's mascot is the Fighting Squirrels.

The Vice President responded to critics of the War on Terror and on going operations in Iraq, with what what might yet be one of the best T-shirt designs seen since the Vietnam War. AP reporter I.B. Slanted reported " The VP spoke at length today, trying his best to explain the Bush Administrations position on the War in Iraq. We in the press gallery "peppered the revered politician with relevent questions, Such as: "How many of our boys did you kill today Cheney"? Wouldn't you agree Ms. Sheehan has a better grip on the "mood of America right now"?, and our all time favorite "Why didn't you just appoint Ted Kennedy as Secretary of State like we wanted you too???.

Mr. Cheney unflapped by the normal drone of predictable questions, unbuttoned, and unleashed the "T" of the Day.....

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Fawench to introduce new heights in socialist dribble

PARIS (AFX) - The French government will discuss tomorrow a plan by President Jacques Chirac to tax airline passengers up to 40 eur per ticket to help pay for health programmes in the world's poorest countries, according to a source close to the matter. The measure, which will be introduced as part of a finance bill, will be applied to every passenger boarding a flight from France, affecting all airlines, and will result in passengers paying a sliding-scale tax on their ticket, depending on the distance flown. Somebody taking an economy-class flight within Europe from a French airport would pay up to 1 eur for their outward journey. For flights in the same category farther afield, the tax will go up to 4 eur, said the source. In the case of business and first-class travellers, they will see the levy 'multiplied by 10,' he added. The French tax would not apply on flights inbound to France, he said. The source said that 'more than 70 countries' supported the idea behind the bill and that an international conference would be held in February 'with all the countries that back a contribution, whether it be voluntary or compulsory.' However, so far only the plan has only received public expressions of support from Britain, Brazil and Chile.

Can you believe these people??? Call this the French Railroad/Air France Subsidy act. The "solidarity" tax doesn't apply to upscale rail service such as Eurostar (used by the wealthy). The tax will have a much larger hit as a percent of overall ticket price on the budget airlines than it will on a full fare airline such as Air France. "Let's make sure and punish competition in the name of "saving the world"!!!

Friday, November 18, 2005

spank that donkey

Dems lose Two out of Three:

MSM talks up Kaine because they are addicted to it like cocaine...... and they ignore the associated problems of "liberal dependency" What we lost Lt Gov and Attorney General??? (Let's pretend not to notice)

Just like Leslie Nielson in "Naked Gun" standing in front of the fireworks store exploding holding back the crowd, urging them to go home "nothing to see here folks"... geeshhh

spank that donkey!!!

pictured: Bill Bolling, Steve Landes, Bob McDonnell, a politicing in Augusta County 10/05