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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Santa Delivers in War on Terror

Santa Says GET SOME!!!!

Looks like Santa is busy "delivering" from his new Green Sleigh, and from the looks of it a Chinook...

Interviewed after the mission Santa was quoted as saying, "That .50 sure felt good, You know what I always said, I know who's been naughty, and who's been nice".

No doubt old St Nick (pictured here) was letting loose on a fresh "coal shipment" to our enemies in the "War on Terror". Now should any of you Liberals feel offended, we have it on good authority that all the brass was collected and recycled :-) To be freshly reloaded and used in future missions.... Now, doesn't that make you feel better???

Feel free to discuss that at your next rally protesting a war being fought by volunteers who are shedding their blood to secure your freedoms.


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