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Friday, December 16, 2005

Kaine to Give Dem Rebuttal to State of Union Address???

According to this article in today's Washington Times (The conservative Newspaper in America) Gov-Elect Tim Kaine will be giving the Dem "rebuttal" to President Bush's State of the Union Speech. Kaine (pictured here) better not be referencing to just how much Gov. Warner helped him get elected. He better be referencing just how fast he will be answering the phone when Warner calls!!!

I would imagine the Donkey's reasoning would be to get the "buzz" going about Gov. Mark Warner's "Crushing Defeat of ???? Who was that guy who ran against.... Oh yeah, Jerry Kilgore. Warner is going to be all the talk of the media soon enough, as he "delivered" Virginia for Kaine.

Will the "Donkey Cheerleaders" in the MSM discuss how badly Kilgore bungled the campaign by not staying on a PUB message that tax increases are bad (namely the largest in the history of VA), and failed to energize his base by "mixing his message on being Pro-Life, and instead hoping for a "knock out punch" on the death penalty, (that Kaine's campaign manager said was effective but ill timed).

No, the MSM will concentrate on how this is a "tipping point" in Southern States that shows Donkey's can win at will if they just "stick to their guns on fiscal responsibility" (raise taxes). and that the PUB lock on the South is over.

Now who among the Donkeys will not "fancy" such talk, You Ask??? Hillary that's who !!!! She is the southern (she learned a lot about cattle futures during her time in Arkansas) leader who will "unlock" those states for the Dems..... Warner would be wise to send his bride to be in 08' some roses early (Clinton/Warner08), and say some glamourous things about her if he knows what's good for him..... :-)

Back to Kaine... What a way to begin "alienating" Virginians but to get started by standing in for "Cut and Run Murtha", and continue the Donkey's suicidal "braying" on our War effort in Iraq. My $$$ is on Tim stroking his ego and taking on the job..... Please, oh, please Do it Tim, Do it!!!!


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