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Friday, December 16, 2005

F22 Raptor becomes Operational in Virginia

Keep an eye on the sky Virginians maybe you will catch a glimpse of our newest High $$$ Air Superiority Fighter the Raptor. The Successor to the F-15 Eagle the first twelve Raptors are now operational at Langley AFB in Norfolk.

Although I would prefer to see us only build a few squadrons of these aircraft and invest the balance in even more advanced versions of F-15 and F-16's, (since these aircraft are still far superior to whomever would oppose us), it's great to know we still possess the best aircraft in the world.

Bookmark this excellent link to keep abrest of the planes.... and remember to keep an eye on the sky.... My understanding is that the 192 Tactical Fighter Wing in Sandston, VA (Richmond International Airport) will trade their F-16's for F-22's if they are procurred in numbers..... Virginia Air National Guard with the hottest aircraft in the World???

The catch... they move from RIC to Langley.... now does that make sense in a terrorist scenario where they get most of our Navy and AF with one Nuke???? Doesn't make sense.... Bring the Raptors to Weyers Cave!!!


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