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Monday, December 26, 2005

Obi Wan Blue Doggie Year end Wrap up

Steve Sisson over at Obi Wan Blue Doggie has a hilarious year end wrap up. Hilarious that is if he hasn't "sunk his cannines" into your back side in this article from the Augusta Free Press.

Best one liners...

"The Incredible Fulk" campaign (Lowell Fulk's failed House of Delegates bid).

"And who could forget Chap Petersen, the wonder bread boy with a bow tie?" "Apparently, a third of the Democratic voters – bada bing!"

Defending himself against attacks by his fellow Dems....

"Hey Big Tent FDR Democrats! It's called political satire - get over it!"

Steve has a great site, and all kinds of Juicy gossip on our favorites Mark Warner and Tim Kaine.


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