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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Don't drink Hillary Lite!!!

photo courtesy Hillary Lite design

Rino Republican Jeanine Pirro abandons her campaign to unseat Senator Hillary Clinton in NY, according to the 'Bleep' . Citing pressure from the NY Republican Party, and the "State Conservative Party", whose members were unwilling to "open their check books to fund a candidate just as Liberal as Hillary.

This is where I figured the RNC would step in, as part of a strategy to pin Hillary down on two of Pirro's Rino issues, abortion and gay marriage, before her run for the Presidency.

I figured the RNC itself, convinced Pirro to run, and was hopefully going to fund her to the "hilt". Imagine the "chagrin" of Hillary's base as Pirro ran to the left of Hillary on abortion and gay marriage. "Pin her down" in the Senate campaign only to be able to label her a hypocrite as she ran to the right in her Presidential Bid.

Can you see the RNC commercials now??? Hillary made "this statement" just months ago running for her Senate Seat, now she says this!!!!

Conversely, if they ran a real conservative, Hillary can stake out positions in the middle, and use the old "Triangulation" that served her husband Bill so well.

Oh Well, the RNC is going to have to come up with plan B. Personally, I think they should start printing the dickens out of these T-shirts "Hillary Lite", Sounds Conservative, Tastes Socialist. No Substance All Filler. It is exactly what her campaign is going to be "all about"


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