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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Chirac calls "W" Star for assistance

This is an actual conversation with an "W"Star customer.

(Customer) President Bush, this is Chirac calling....

(W Star) Yeah, I saw that there on my "W" Star caller ID (hehehe)

(Customer) Mr President My cars are on fire all over the country and I need help!

(W Star) Yeah, I've been watchin Ya on the monitor.... One problem ol' buddy' You haven't paid your bill for that little incident in 1917-18, Much less the one in 1941-45.

(Customer) Never mind that.....

(W Star) Chirac ol buddy' I just asked for a little favor to cover our backs in Iraq there, and you let us down....

(Customer) Never mind that.... You are an unjust man, and fight an unjust war!!!

(W Star) That's OK Chirac ol buddy' I'm a little tied up making the Middle East Safe for Democracy, but I can put you onto some boys who can help you out... click

(W Star) Karl, Dick?? ( They are laughing uncontrollably) Hey, were you two Listening on the other line???

(W Star Staff) Uh Yes sir Mr President.... (hehehe)

(W Star) Well boys, You know it's always right to help someone in trouble even if they are the sorriest, ungrateful bunch there ever could be.... Send him some of them other Special Forces boys ya'll have been holding in reserve...

(W Star Staff) Yes Sir Mr President (Dick and Karl go back to high fives and rolling around on the carpet)


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