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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Working Men& Women Vote Republican

The most dramatic moment relived from the previous post My first Recount, a "Heady Experience"

"Please slowly count these ballots,( separated by their votes for AG), so that your observers can clearly hear, and see the results (my paraphrasing of the Registrars instructions). The officer slowly verified by looking at the bottom of the ballots, and slowly counted, one... two.. three... etc.

Why did this happen??? The regular "touch screen" machines broke down at Spottswood, requiring the officers to improvise with the good old fashioned paper ballots for the voters showing up roughly between 5:45 to 6:45 PM.

Why is this so interesting you ask, So What??? Well, let's examine the paper ballots cast..... 49 of them....

McDonnell 32
Deeds 17

So What???? Well, Spottswood only went
McDonnell 265
Deeds 205

Ok Einstein, your point is????

The point is that precinct voted almost 1 for 1, (McDonnell vs Deeds), but during the 5:45 to 6:45 PM voting time frame, Who's coming to vote???? Yes!!!! The people who are getting off work at about 5 PM (Spottswood is nearly 20 miles from Staunton & Waynesboro).... Just on the face of it, you have the voters going nearly 2 to 1 for McDonnell and 49 votes represents 10% of the vote!!!!

More is to be said of this... I am just lighting the fuse on this post...... Those ballots represent a totally Random "mircrocosm" or "snapshot" of the entire battle of the "Tickets" in a rural district. A district that should lean "conservative" and easily won by the Pubs... What factors were at play here????


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