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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Execute the Executioner

The end of the Sunni Resistance is at hand. Already the Sunni's abandoned Al qaeda in the last election to gain a greater hand in what they know is the ultimate future of Iraq.... A Democratic Republic.

The only die hards holding out are those that still consider Sadaam a "god on this earth", who will wrest his way back to control, and in turn promote them back to power for continuing the insurgency in his absence.

Fat Chance!!! He is in jail, on trial and the real debate will begin soon, on
How, When and Where to Execute the Executioner. Will he face torture first, like so many of his victims? I would expect that the Kurds would like to see him put in the gas chamber, as retribution for what he did to them (his own citizens) in the northern Iraq. Will he face a firing squad, hanging, beheading (seems all the rage with muslims) , lethal injection, or just be found guilty and let out of the courtroom for "street justice".

Sadaam's trial is not looking good for him, it seems he had his "henchmen" round up 43 members of a family and only murdered seven (7) of them, leaving the brave to testify against him now. Ali Hassan al-Haidari apparently has been the first to testify to Sadaam's depravity, without the benefit of being behind a sheet, or with voice altering.

Ahhh, the Almighty Sadaam... Just a few years ago, he could be seen in public, and the scared and the oppressed would chant "Long Live Saddaam, Long Live Sadaam" .


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