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Monday, December 26, 2005

Hillary's Kryptonite ???

Yowww!!! Thanks to the "birddogging" (left winged bird watchers) over at the Hillary we have this Time article authored by Eleanor Clift introducing Gov. Mark Warner of Virginia to the loyal Liberal subscribers of Time Magazine.

Eleanor goes on to describe Gov. Warner as a viable alternative to Hillary and cites the Daily Kos quotes “Warner is the one to watch.” It must drive Hillary bats to watch Warner glide seamlessly left while her lurches to the right are cast as opportunism.

Yeah, Right Hillary is "shaking in her boots". Here, (in my humble opinion) is the key to Hillary's strategery:

"It may not be determinative, but she’s got to figure into her calculations an almost certain challenge from the left. Hillary’s pandering on the flag is an open invitation for Al Gore to call, a ready base of progressive support for the former veep"

Can you see her operatives at the convention "spreading the wisdom" that Al Gore or anyone to the left of Hillary is unelectable"??? I personally think that the "private explanations" of her "politicial sacrifices" have been done for the good of the party will not fall on "deaf ears"???

Hardly, the faithful will line up, and take Gov. Warner as their "Red State Insurance policy", and declare themselves "winners" months before the vote is even taken.


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