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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Editorial Cartoonists Dropping Like Flies in MSM

Editorial Cartoonists Just don't get it!!! They are whining that the MSM papers they work for are cost cutting because readership is down, and the cartoonists are "Dropping like Flies". The vast majority of these guys are Libs. Take a look at some of these "tasteless cartoons" tying Christmas and the War on Iraq.

I start with John Sherffius, who "gleefully" makes a Christmas Tree of folded American Flags. That's real "sensitive" towards military families.

How about Gary Markstein's cartoon titled "I'll be home for Christmas" , and its flag draped coffins in the graphic.

Then an entry from Paul Conrad, he forms a Christmas tree of coffins, and below it a Christmas tree of "tick marks" of casualties (he was so infatuated with both, he couldn't make up his mind which to use no doubt)

How about Chris Britt "Christmas Ornaments" cross tombstones outside the White House. I emailed him and berated him on "his lack of taste" His response:

"Geee... You are really on top of things. That cartoon was drawn last year.Way to keep up! Bush lied us into this war and the blood of our troops is onhis hands. That is the truth. Now,wrap yourself in the flag and go crawlback under the tree.Why don't you CC Bush on this cartoon. Perhaps Rove could read it to him."

We went back and forth, and he refused me permission to post the cartoon.. (none of the others returned my emails)

The one that really set me off though was Bill Day, He has the audacity to make a flag draped coffin a Christmas ornament in a tree with a yellow ribbon that says "support the troops"

Cagle is the Lib "Ringmaster" of organizing these guys and in response to the firings asked fellow cartoonists to devote Monday's to their cause.

I have been emailing (needling them) on the links to the cartoons and telling them the reason for the decline of MSM print is that they have forsaken half of their audience, Conservatives. Seriously, "I Love Editorial Cartoons" when they are "intellectually honest" , and in these cases "Tasteful" .

My contention to these guys is that if the MSM papers were not so "unabashedly biased", they would not be having such a dramatic drop off in readership. Hence, they wouldn't have to be firing their cartoonists. My local paper is the Staunton New Leader, which I affectionately refer to as the Slantin (to the left) Mis Leader. They unfailingly publish two editorial cartoons each Sunday reflecting negatively of Bush administration or the War. This County and city went over 70% for Bush in 2004.

It's one thing to have an opinion, it's another to be "fair and balanced about it". That's OK, We all get to vote with our $$$.


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