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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Dear Lord it's Purple !!! Has been formed by a 22 year old Virginian named Mr. Peter Feddo.

This goes to prove Winston Churchill's famous quote:

"To be young and not be a Liberal, shows you have no heart, To be old, and not a conservative, shows you have no brain"

and Boy, did he get some fawning press. According to this excert from Clinton Network News (CNN)

Sen. Clinton is getting some unsolicited help for a potential run for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination. Peter Feddo, a 22-year-old Virginian, has filed papers with the Federal Election Commission to register the Hillary Rodham Clinton for President Committee. Feddo told the Grind he launched the committee to help Clinton build a national grassroots network, while she focuses her attention on the 2006 Senate race.

The CNN piece also had this interesting quote from Bill Clinton himself, who pulled in $100,000 (obviously losing his touch) from a sell out crowd of 2,000 at the"Crobar" in Manhatten:

"Please do everything you can to keep helping Hillary, 'cause she'll always do you proud," the former president told the crowd of young professionals. "I never met anybody with more ability in public life, including me."

"inlcuding me" Thank You Bill for that "insight" into you being the second most capable person in the world, with maybe the exception of not being able to even get his own wife to stand next to him at her fundraiser......

So if you got some free time go on over to and if you are sick of Hillary go on over to and get you a anti-Hillary tee....


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