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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Another Mass Grave found in Iraq

Obviously getting rid of your weapons of Mass Destruction is a higher priority than getting rid of the bodies of your fellow countrymen and political enemies. According to this article in the Washington Post Iraqi Municipal workers unearthed the yet to be determined number of bodies found in a mass grave.

Seriously though, Sadaam, (who is now on trial) must really never have been worried about any evidence of murdering his own people. Obviously that was his frame of mind, and he did not take George H. Bush Seriously when he spoke of a "New World Order". A world order where mass killings and genocide would not be tolerated of dictators.

Irregardless, one thing is certain, there is only one event left that will assuredly crush the Sunni insurgency, (see my previous post below) "Execute the Executioner" As highlighted here in this Washington Times article the Sunni terrorists did not disturb the recent election, because they ultimately know their future is to be a democratic/republic, and they needed all the Sunni votes they could get.

The killings are not over, as Sadaam's henchmen still at large, know their day on trial will soon be at hand and they have nothing to lose by continuing individual acts of terror. The people of Iraq by and large, have surely turned a corner with this last election. Now, the question will become, just how, when, and where is Sadaam's final Justice going to be served upon him by his own people.

Here is Foxnews take on the discovery of the mass grave in Karbala.


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